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Store Policies

Please read all item descriptions carefully before purchasing, please contact us us with any questions you might have prior to your purchase, and please review our store policies on this page before making your purchase.

Unless otherwise specified, all Shine Bright bracelets measure approximately 7 inches and are strung on expandable elastic.  If you require a custom size, please contact us prior to your purchase.  As long as the materials are available, we are happy to adjust the size to your specifications for a small customization fee.

FOLLOW US on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter to see more of our designs.  If you see a piece you love that is not currently listed in our store, we would be happy to re-created it for you if the materials for the design are available.  Send us a message on the Contact Us page or via email to inquire about custom orders.  

Thank you for visiting our website.

Peace, love & light,

Shine Bright Jewelry Designs
Handcrafted jewelry items are fragile and require special care (please see PROPER CARE FOR HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY ITEMS below).  In the event that something breaks off your piece within 60 days of purchase, you may ship it back and we will have it repaired at no cost to you.

Custom orders are welcome.  If you love an item but wish it was a different color, different gemstone, different charm, wish it was gold or silver, larger or smaller, we would be happy to work with you to create an item that meets your specifications. 

Plated jewelry can wear over time.
Chemicals will damage handcrafted jewelry.  Including, but not limited to: lotion, perfume, make up, hair products, cleaning products.
Salt water corrodes/ discolors jewelry, especially silver (this includes the ocean & sweat)
Dry jewelry after it has been exposed to moisture.
Never wear jewelry while bathing or swimming.
Use soft cloth to clean.  Store in a dark dry place, away from humidity, when possible.
Do not use jewelry cleaners that contain ammonia, vinegar, acid, or alcohol.

Due to the nature of natural gemstones, there are often visible imperfections and/or inclusions in the stones. These natural imperfections add more character to your stone and prove that they are natural stones and not imitations.

Not all computer monitors or phone screens represent the color shown the same way and actual colors, patterns & textures may vary among individual pieces.  This is especially true when the item contains natural gemstones, which most Shine Bright Designs pieces do.  All photographs are taken in natural light  with no filter to most accurately depict the colors of the stones.
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